The World Is Tearing Apart Who Will Save It

The world needs our help to make it a better

Have you thought of what the world would need to be a better place? Especially in a difficult moment like this as we are all dealing with a common enemy called coronavirus.

Citizens of this world always dream of a better life. But this still remains a dream. The little happiness and success we see too have been destroyed by the evil works of some men.

It’s very unfortunate that the year 2020 has been a difficult year for the world. And it is all because of the spread of the so-called coronavirus(COVID-19). It is so deadly that even social and economic activities have come to a halt.

Thousands of people have died already and the threat is still high. This is not the kind of world we wish for. Maybe the Devil as plotting to rule the world as the Bible has given prophesies about it. Where are the peace, love, happiness, and all the amazing freedom we enjoy?

Nobody thought our beautiful planet could be a strange land for us. There are too much fear and panic everywhere.

It is time we develop strong mental strength to withstand all the hardships we have been plunged into. If you stay Strong and positive all the time, you will over fear and stress. Read inspirational messages and quotes about being positive in life and you would be happy — irrespective of your circumstances.

Our Problem Have Been Aggravated

It wouldn’t sound so nice in a tough situation like this to tell a neighbor not to be concerned about your health and safety. Because when one gets infected with the virus he can spread it to hundreds of people who come into contact with him. So minding your own business wouldn’t work in a moment like this.

We should be helping ourselves by providing support for those who need our help. Forget about any past grudges and learn to live in love with the people around you.

We were already dealing with our own various problems like marital problems, financial problems, health disorders, failures, fears, etc. and now the emergence of COVID-19 has aggravated our pains and suffering.

Who Is Going To Help?

The major question everyone is asking is what does the world need? Can we even give a direct answer? Because the world needs a whole lot of reconstruction.

This is reality and so we must be real and strong to fight for a better life on this earth. It is not a movie that the avengers will come and save the world.

There are people benefiting at the expense of others. Because there is nothing like justice, love, and respect for our fellow humans.

The governmental bodies, NGOs, activists, and concerned individuals would do their best but things still look difficult. Poverty, for instance, is still a big issue that hasn’t been properly dealt with.

Evil is gaining root in our various societies. And I believe it is time we seek the face of God with all seriousness. Because He is the one capable of solving all our problems in so many different ways that we may not even realize.

Let us pray for the world. Because the Devil and his agents are behind all the sufferings that we are going through.

There is hope that one day the poor will get a better place to stay and be a help to others. The chain of helping ourselves must be very long to reach everyone who needs help.

A young Christian, life coach, and motivational speaker. He loves to inspire people believe in themselves. The Bible is his favorite book.