Making Your Family Happy

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A family is the backbone of everyone and in fact we must do our best to sustain it.There is no single person who doesn’t have a family lest the person chooses to ignore it relevance for one or two reasons.This is why people say; “BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER.”

However, some families suck and so members don’t value their bloodline. I’m talking about all forms of misunderstanding,hatred,jealousy and so forth that lingers in some families.

An International Concern

The international day of families is celebrated in every 14th May of the year. Meaning it wasn’t a long time this year’s celebration went through. It is not a new thing. This celebration was proclaimed in 1994 as the International Year of Families by the United Nations.

Understand What A Family Is Really About

Your family is the immediate environment to teach you normal human relationships.You would be taught how to dress,walk, talk and proper ways of conducting yourself in the house and school.This teachings therefore becomes part of you.If your family is responsible,definitely you must grow to become a responsible person.

Here,I would like to discuss with you some of the best ways of making a happy family. A family might be “extended” type which consist of Uncles, Aunties,Cousins, Nephews, Grandparents, Grandchildren etc.The other common type of family is the “nuclear family” which comprises of husband, wife and children.

In our modern age,most people prefer a nuclear family to extended family because of its numerous advantages.Despite people disliking extended families, they must not forget about other members of the bloodline. At least once in a blue moon show them how you value their presence.

Best Ways Of Making A Happy Family

Whether you are in a nuclear family or extended family apply some of these measures to ensure cordial family relationships. Remember that when your bloodline go extent you can never replace them.

1. Communication
Thanks to our modern generation. There are countless means of communicating with people far away or close to us.Personally, I am fond of surprises so I will advocate you occasional call a family member you haven’t been in correspondence with for a very long time to ask him how he is doing.Just do that and see the kind of happiness that will bring to the person. It helps strengthen family ties in a positive way.

2.Family Gathering
Some families meet always every weekend to address important issues arising in the family. If there is a problem of any sort, elders solve it amicably.In fact, there are many importance of family gathering and it goes a long way of establishing strong sense of love and security among members.

3.Mutual Support
The betterment of every family is the responsibility of each member. How often do you contribute to your family’s welfare?. At least if not in finance, it could be in a form of advise. Support family members who need your help and the output will still reside in the family making the next generation stronger with genuine happiness in the heart of every member.

In fact,there are many ways of making a happy family.It is up to you to choose the most favorable one.Not forgetting to mention field trip/site seeing.It also strengthens family relationships.

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A young Christian, life coach, and motivational speaker. He loves to inspire people believe in themselves. The Bible is his favorite book.

A young Christian, life coach, and motivational speaker. He loves to inspire people believe in themselves. The Bible is his favorite book.