How God Can Increase Your Life Span To Accomplish Greater Things

Old age is a blessing from God.

Do you feel the need to live long enough to finish executing all your goals?. Unfortunately, tomorrow is not promised. But to be much confident in your visions you need to put that unknown future into a known God who happens to be the author of the universe.

I am pretty sure you have lofty goals you would like to achieve some years to come. In view of this, you would need to keep on being a living soul. Premature death needs to be canceled in the name of Christ Jesus.

But there is one thing you need to be mindful of before you ask for a long life from God. Don’t misuse the “gift of free will.” If you take very good care of your dietary, choices and your daily activities you will live long.

In our 21st century, many of us never want to die early. In fact, we don’t even want to dream about it. Indeed we need to enjoy the fruits of our hard labor. The Psalmist cited that several times. We ought to enjoy the pay off of our hard labor. God appreciates that.

As you find yourself reading this article, I would like to pinpoint to you that God is vitally interested in your health and happiness. Long life is a blessing.

So say any of these powerful prayers to maintain a good health. If you ask for it, God will give it to you. Are you in doubt? Wait a minute because I’m about to use Biblical passages to prove to you.

Before I begin it all, let’s do a preliminary assessment: How old are you now? How many years would you like to spend on earth?. Would you like to live up to a century?. Keep the answer to yourself and have a deep thought about it.

We work so hard. The simplest reason is to make money to live our dream lives. Amassing wealth in a genuine way attracts the favor and blessings of the Lord. Unfortunately, you will one day and leave everything behind. Death is inevitable…

I believe you would like to live as long as you can to enjoy your wealth, monies and see what happens in the next generation. You can’t achieve that without God!.

Your Days Are Numbered

In one of my oldest posts, I explained why the Bible says your days are numbered.

“Since man’s days are determined, the number of his months is under your control; you have set his limit and he cannot pass it” (Job 14:5).

Let me hit you with this awful truth. One day you will be nowhere to be found on earth so before you die, make sure you live behind a good legacy. Death is one of the 6 harsh truths in life. People hear of it and frown their faces as if they’ve sucked a lemon. It doesn’t necessary needs to be about living long. It is about being productive within your whole life span.

You are here on earth to worship God and do his will. He can increase your years to help you see through the future. There is nothing beautiful than seeing our grandparents aging and still looking active and lovely. Many cultures even believe long years is a sign of blessing.

God Declined The Lifespan Of Mankind

It’s quite funny to hear about how people yearn to enjoy immortality here on earth. This is impossible. Since Adam and Eve sinned against God, they lose the gift of eternal life.

In the ancient days, our grandparents lived for centuries before they die. Methuselah in which the Bible accounts as the oldest man ever known spent 969 years on our planet.

“The entire lifetime of Methuselah was 969 years, and then he died” (Genesis 5:27).

Below are some of the longest age ever recorded in the Bible. I believe most of you out there would wish to enjoy life to that extent, others see no beauty it.

Adam — 930 years

Seth — 912 years

Noah — 950 years

Today the average lifespan of mankind is 70 to 80 which coincide with the Bible:

“The days of our lives add up to seventy years, or eighty, if one is especially strong. But even one’s best years are marred by trouble and oppression. Yes, they pass quickly and we fly away” (Psalms 90:10).

Because of the pains and troubles associated with old age, many of us don’t want to live for too long. The average lifespan seems appreciable to a lot of people in our modern generation.

Longevity Is What Many Want

Often at times when a friend, a colleague, family member or even a stranger is celebrating his/her birthday; the commonest message found in the birthday wish is “may you live long.” And I believe is the best kind of message we could ever receive from anyone.

Imagine these hurtful scenarios:

1. People plan to travel for crucial events to meet their untimely death.

2. Others may build their dream houses but never step a foot in it.

3. After a glorious wedding, one of the couple dies.

Any of these above incidences could happen to any of us. This is why we must cling to God all the time. He is capable of rescuing us from untimely death.

How A 106 Years Woman Credits Her Long Life To God

Recently, a woman in Halifax County, North Carolina just awed Christians and everyone about her secret to long life.

Before I talk about this amazing woman, bear in mind that each day about 151,600 people take their last breath. This means each day you wake up from bed is a blessing through the grace of God.

You must thank God each day for granting you a new beautiful day. Be grateful and ask God for protection and long life.

Back to this amazing woman called Ruth Hilliard. She has been a believer since her active days. During her 106th birthday, she cited Psalms 91:15–16 as the truth and inspiration behind her longevity. The verses read:

“He will call on me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him. With long life, I will satisfy him and show him my salvation.”

With God all things are possible. There is nothing beyond his control. Above all, his beautiful plans for his Children never expire. He still loves us whiles we keep on disappointing him.

Pray To God For Long Life Like Hezekiah

Are you on sick bed? Or battling diseases?. Don’t give up on God. If the Devil wants to shorten your life span, there is one person who can redeem you from premature death.

All though we are all tied to one fate which is death. But when God speaks, death has no place to stay. Remember the story of Lazarus. Jesus defied the law of nature by bringing back Lazarus who has been dead and buried for four days.

God is not affected by time nor space. This is the more reason why you should trust him unconditionally. Entrust your whole life into his care.

Well, let me then tell you something about how the story of Hezekiah fits into the possibility of God granting your prayers for long life. I, for instance, I never forget to pray for both physical and spiritual strength; as well as divine protection, happiness, and successful life. In all, I could notice how God has been walking with me all the time making sure he gives me the best.

Back to the story of Hezekiah; according to the Bible, he was deathly ill and was supposed to join his ancestors. Even though a prophetic message came from Isaiah confirming his imminent death.

This message did not augur well for him so Hezekiah prayed and wept bitterly. He prayed to God for long life. Do you know what happened?.

Amazingly God answered his prayers by adding 15 more years to his age. The main reason behind such a marvelous turn out was because Hezekiah’s prayer met the will of God. You can find a lesson about Hezekiah’s Sickness and recovery in the book of 2 Kings 20:1–10.

He is the same God we worship today. Keep on praying and telling him exactly what you need. For the purpose of this article, we ought to ask God for long life, strength and protection. He is ever ready to listen.

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Anthony Eshun is a devout Christian who has dedicated himself to give inspiration to Christians around the world. He has reached out to thousands of people with messages filled with hope through his personal blog called African Paradise World.

A young Christian, life coach, and motivational speaker. He loves to inspire people believe in themselves. The Bible is his favorite book.